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SENRI is the main product of the Tokyo-based start-up Robomarketer, SENRI is an automated marketing assistant, similar to SIRI or Alexa. The CEO needed a metaphor for the word as in Japanese (千里眼) it means “the eye that can see everything”. Previously I developed the identity for Robomarketer which has a logo that was inspired on a Tangram, in the same direction SENRI logo resembles a diamond made of pieces similar to the Robomarketer logo to signify the SENRI metaphorical eye.

For SENRI I have also created the product visual style, this included a UI-driven color palette and a custom set of icons which was generated and maintained as a icon-font this to be incorporated in the application UI and other collateral materials.

For the initial product brainstorm about functionality I have also created a set of hi-fi wireframes to define some interactions and to determine the effectivity of the usage on smaller devices such as the iPhone SE.

Senri UI wires

Senri UI wires

Building wire flows to discuss with developers the best approach to build the UI.